Our clients have either just finished a meeting or are about to meet at some places you may like to put on your list for your next offsite meeting.  From the shores of California to the countryside outside of London and back to the a mid Atlantic state, here is where they are meeting.

It doesn’t get much better than the view from anywhere on this property when you are nearly underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.  You have a choice between historic lodging and contemporary lodging and both offer unique amenities and sheer comfort.  The meeting space is perfectly laid out so your group’s meeting space will always be close to the banquet rooms and as this not a huge property you won’t be overrun by other meeting groups and your meetings can be private.  They offer a couple of dining options on site as well as the nearby town of Sausalito which has many unique dining options.  One of our customers is taking their group to the Presidio Social Club for an offsite dinner which is perfect a group dinner.  Next time you are looking for a unique boutique hotel for your next management retreat look no further than Cavallo Point.


 You know we have the most trusted colleagues in the hospitality industry and we closely scrutinize every hotel & vendor globally that we suggest to you.  No matter the size of your group or the budget, there is always a jewel in every destination ready to take excellent care of you. 

Our focus is to keep close track of recently renovated or new hotels, those who offer state of the art technology and most updated guestrooms and meeting space, along with the best food & beverage.  And, due to the volume of business we bring to hotels we are able to negotiate the best contract terms & lowest pricing for you.  Let your associates know why you never plan a meeting without calling us first.