The adventure began when we arrived in New Orleans for site visits where we were greeted by a DMC. Because it was already lunchtime we were taken to a typical French Quarter restaurant where it’s almost expected that you’ll have drinks with lunch.
They love their cocktails in the Big Easy and we partook along with our local hosts. Champagne goes very well with shellfish and the sounds of New Orleans jazz introduced us to the many flavors of the city.

Here’s what we realized quickly; almost everyone you meet in the hospitality industry here is from New Orleans – born and raised. Some leave seeking alternative destinations but they soon you must return home. That’s the beauty of this place; that nearly everyone we met was from here and wouldn’t consider living anywhere else.
There is a style of hospitality in New Orleans that’s hard to duplicate anywhere else. Everyone wants you to have a good time and come back again and again. It’s infectious. The food. The options of places to hold offsite events that are unique to this city. And an amazing selection of hotels is endless.

It’s really difficult to choose one over another as so many of the properties offer something special. And as with most places, it’s the people who draw you in, and each hotel boasts the longevity of its staff. We met staff members at every hotel who were on their 30th and 40th year of employment. They treat each other like family and you can feel how genuine and caring they are toward their fellow employees and guests. It doesn’t take long to feel right at home in New Orleans.

We met some delightful characters throughout our stay in the Big Easy – it’s a place full of interesting people who aren’t shy about wanting to know you by striking up conversations. This is one city where your participants will long to return again.