Global Hotel Site Selection & Hotel Contract Negotiators for Offsite Meetings

How our complimentary service benefits to you:

  • Research hotel options to meet your needs.
  • Present spreadsheet with costs for guest rooms, food & beverage, meeting rooms, audio visuals, etc.
  • Setup site visits to scout out best hotel options before signing a contract.
  • Expert hotel contract negotiations to save your company from unnecessary spending.

“Recently we had another group from this same corporation and their legal department was a piece of cake in terms of contract negotiations compared to you Nancy! You really go above and beyond to insure your clients’ complete happiness!”

Sales Director, Boulders Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona

Most Importantly:

The Meetings Concierge Service is at No Cost to Your Company.

Yes, our service is complimentary.  The hotel you choose pays us commission for generating group business.

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