“Pre-Pack” ~ Lay all clothes you are considering on the bed before you put them in the suitcase. Count the days you will be gone plus the evenings you will go out. Count your outfits. The same number? Then that’s too many.

Stick to one base color ~ For the most part, all tops can go with either a brown or black base. Pants, skirts, shoes and purse should be only one of the base colors. Mix-and-match outfits will be a breeze, if you don’t stray from the foundation color. White can also work as a base color.

Wear Your Heaviest Clothes En Route ~ Wearing your heaviest shoes and clothes on the trip is another great tip. I even suggest you wear or take your jacket with you even if leaving a warmer climate so as not to put it in your luggage.

Have a toiletry bag “Ready to go” ~ There’s no need for pouring shampoos into small bottles. Order samples of your favorite brands or get sample sizes at your local drug store. Buy duplicates—preferably miniatures—of all your necessities: hair styling product, cotton pads, QTips, etc. Use the snack-size Ziplocs and always keep packed for quick grab and go!

Pack light and tight ~ When packing roll your clothes rather than fold them to get the most out of your suitcase space. Rolling also prevents wrinkling. Utilize every nook and cranny when you pack. Put your socks and undergarments in your shoes. Throw in a few dryer sheets as well to keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean.  Invest in compression cubes…they are a must in space saving

Our favorite tips and some from our friends….

Here is what I have on my “Travel Shelf” in my closet all together so I can quickly grab any item and take off: Cashmere travel blanket, Evian face spray, power banks with associated charges for all electronics, prescription medications, and plastic baggies that come in handy especially when you’ve taken that last dip in the pool and your bathing suit is wet, and a good book. ~ Leeann Philipsen, The Meetings Concierge

The way to make a hotel room feel like home is to have travel candles – the kind that come in metal vs glass – to make the room smell great.  An inflatable neck pillow for the airplane is a must for me.  And a stack of meetings industry and cooking magazines in print which I love to read at 37,000 feet above anywhere. ~ Nancy Nachman, The Meetings Concierge

It is always nice to down size your wallet prior to travel and just take your global entry card, driver’s license, credit card, insurance card and employee ID.  With my toiletries bag: keep one packed with a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, and only the essentials you will need while away from home. ~ Holly Smith, MGM Resorts International

Use the plastic shower caps you get at hotels to wrap around your shoes when traveling.  This solves two issues; 1) it keeps the bottom of your shoes off of your clean clothes 2) you can see through the plastic to easily find the shoes you’re looking for in your suitcase. ~ Christie Compton, Hilton Worldwide


Always stay comfortable yet “stylish” by selecting clothing that you can layer.  I recommend thin breathable fabrics like cotton and knits to keep warm in the early morning and are easily peeled back as the temperature rises.  Pack a lighter jacket in your luggage and wear or carry a heavier coat to save space.  ~ Mary Geong, Rocco Forte Hotels

Favorite travel products ~ Hanging / Rollup Toiletry Organizer   – Eagle Creek Compression Packing Cubes