Location, location, location; the top three criteria you should use when selecting a hotel.

Recently a client was sure he was going to love a particular beachfront resort in Southern Florida before his site visit.  The hotel was super flexible and friendly and everything we asked for they pretty much gave us.  On paper it looked gorgeous; the photos were so lovely you could almost smell the sea and feel the wind on your cheek.  The views from the meeting space were and are spectacular.

However, when he arrived he saw that there was a tattoo parlor and a gentlemen’s club on the same block in a not very glamorous or safe part of town.  Reluctantly he met with the sales manager but he knew immediately that this hotel could not be an option for his meeting due to the location.

You see, first impressions are everything so be careful when you look on the web and think you’ve found the best hotel for you.  Site inspections are worth their weight in gold to avoid signing a contract before taking a look for yourself to be sure where you place your guests is safe, clean and perfect.