Capacity Chart from New Orleans French Quarter

As soon as a hotel sends a proposal for your meeting, the first thing Leeann & I do is visit the hotel website and click on Meetings & Events.

From there we take multiple steps to ensure the perfect meeting!

  • We look at the Capacity Chart & Meeting Space Diagram to be sure that the rooms they are offering  are large enough to accommodate your guests in the set up you require.
  • We make sure that the room is more square shaped than long and narrow.
  • We determine that the ceiling height is high enough for your a/v.
  • We confirm that the meeting rooms are as close to the banquet rooms as possible.
  • We ensure that the meeting room has 4 solid walls and not air walls.
  • We inquire about what other size groups are meeting near you so you are not disturbed when other groups take their breaks.

Lastly, we request in your hotel contract that the hotel cannot rearrange your meeting space without verbal and written approval by you.  Just one of many ways we help you plan the best meetings possible.