Guess what?  For all we do for you, there is no cost!  While working on your meetings budget, you won’t need to include us as a line item, but you can surely depend upon our reliable expertise when planning offsite meetings.  The meetings budget has several line items; hotel rooms, meeting space, food & beverage, audio visuals, signage and printing, decor companies for flowers, linens, lighting, air & ground transportation, gifts, etc.  Keep us out of the budget while benefiting from having us on your side!

Where else can you get professional, knowledgeable, experienced partners to guide you from overspending when negotiating contract terms?  For as many years as we have been helping customers, we, too, get surprised by hotels and their tricky contract language. Just the other day while budgeting for a customer’s event, a hotel slyly let us know they do not include AM & PM breaks in their food & beverage minimum, which added over $10,000 to the meeting budget.  Or the new gimmick of calculating attrition per night versus total room nights – scary stuff if you don’t have us on your side.

It’s those little oversites that can make or break the budget.  We help you avoid problems by combing through contracts like a squirrel hunting for acorns before the first winter frost.  No two hotel contracts are alike and you must be keen and meticulous to avoid being caught off guard and causing panic when you realize you’ve been taken for a ride by a hotel.  

When I was a hotel sales manager I was well trained by some of the finest hotel companies how to quote highest pricing and least flexible terms.  My salary and bonus depending upon meeting the sales quota set forth and you better believe I worked long and hard to achieve those goals. If a customer didn’t know what or how to negotiate costs and terms I was delighted.  

In 1991 when I started my service business I had you in mind – the customer!  Now I am in a position to help you save money and be aware of all terms and how to negotiate every single item to protect your company and add more value.  Things happen. Storms cause guests to not arrive. Hotels overbook. Food comes out cold or late. Renovations begin the week before you arrive. Large noisy groups share air walls with your board meeting.  Bandwidth can’t handle your presentation. Streets surrounding the hotel are torn up. Huge conventions take place in the city at the same time. Elevators can’t handle moving guests up and down quickly. The list goes on and on.  

There are numerous questions to ask and several ways to save money and add protective contract clauses.  RELY ON US, your experts in global hotel site selection and contract negotiations. Our motto: Never pay retail for anything and make a Concession Wish List like you’re writing to Santa Clause.

Planning a meeting?  Let us do the legwork.  And with our pleasure, keep us out of your budget!