These low cost apps will save you time, keep you organized and replace your paper binder at events and meetings.

1. DocumentsToGo
View, Edit and Create Microsoft Word, Excel PowerPoint Files and PDFs
View, Edit and Sync Files in Google Docs,, Dropbox and more

2. iWork Pages
Sleek and Streamlined Apple Wordprocesser

3. iWork Number
Apples Version of Excel

4. Evernote 
A fantastic tool to sync and organize all of your thoughts across your devices.
Jot down a quick note, record audio, take a photo and add searchable tags, to-do list and everything is searchable (even text from an image so snap some business cards too!)

5. Dropbox
Store all of your documents in the cloud and set them to sync and update from your main computer so that you will always have the most up to date document wherever you go.