Hotels and hospitality vendors are still experiencing lower staff levels, and add that to their demands from management, co-workers and customers. Employees working with smaller teams are doing their very best to provide the level of service you expect.    

Treat vendors with kindness. It takes a lot more time in today’s hurried world for hotel sales managers to respond to you. You may have to email and call your sales manager or vendor multiple times to get a response. Knowing this helps you plan for all the extra time you’ll have to spend making sure your meeting is a success!

It’s a sluggish process and patience is your virtue. By being patient, kind, & respectful you’ll have vendors eating out of the palm of your hand. People want to take care of others who show them love. You know how great it feels to be appreciated. And remember your smile; a smile is an unspoken language of kindness that has a lasting effect.  

We never know what is going on in someone’s life. Everyone needs more tender loving care, someone to listen to their story, and we all have a story to tell! Showing compassion for vendors will insure they know you care about them and in turn, they’ll want to be sure you are happy and your event is the best ever! You’ve heard that you attract more bees with honey, and it’s amazing how a simple smile or a nice compliment truly makes someone’s day! Showing compassion is not only good for the receiver, it’s equally beneficial for the giver; that’s you! 

Although it’s really nice to give a financial reward for any staff members who go above and beyond expected service levels, vendors put kindness and how they are treated by guests and management above money! Put kindness in your meeting planning tool kit. Wear it proudly from start to finish when planning events. We all benefit. Doesn’t it always come down to treating people the way we want to be treated?

In closing, I’m sharing with you this quote by the Dalai Lama: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”