Happy National Sandwich Day
Happy National Sandwich Day

Did you know I judge a hotel by its Room Service Club Sandwich?  Yes, the real test of a hotel’s character lies in the making and delivery of a Club Sandwich.  

I grew up down the street from the Blackstone Hotel in Omaha, Nebraska where the Reuben Sandwich was invented.  I can still taste the house-made chocolate milk in that restaurant that at a young age tasted just right with a Reuben.  

My Mom often kids me about my breakfast of choice; a sandwich.  Long before the popularity of the breakfast sandwich I was making and eating a sandwich for breakfast which is filling and lasts all the way through lunchtime for me.  I love early morning flights and always get up and make myself a breakfast sandwich on a travel departure day to take with me to the airport or on the plane.  It sure beats spending ridiculous amounts of money on a not very good sandwich at the airport.  

To date the hotel that stands out at the winner of the Best Room Service Club Sandwich is Bellagio in Las Vegas.  The bread was large and the sandwich was cut in half, unlike the typical 4 little triangle shapes that the Club Sandwich is known for.  The bread works great on this Club because the sandwich is so thick with perfectly house roasted thinly shaved turkey breast, loads of crispy bacon, lots of leafy green lettuce and garden fresh & thickly cut tomatoes with lots of mayonnaise.  The big plastic toothpick with the B on it reminds me where I am and why all other hotel Club Sandwiches have a run for their money.

Happy National Sandwich Day!