Are you eager after checking into your hotel room to get out your jumbo pack of disinfectant wipes and start wiping down every fixture, every remote or anything another possible human being has ever touched?  I know many of you are nodding your head.

But what about the carpet? You didn’t pack your steam cleaner and we know it isn’t as often as you think that the carpet gets shampooed. Don’t leave your house without your slippers or an extra pair of socks for your hotel room.

If you were to wear white socks you may be surprised to see how dark they become.  This alone should convince you about this tip.

Funny how we aren’t so careful and conscious about having our carpets frequently cleaned at home yet when it comes to a hotel we expect the floors to be clean.

Take this tip to your feet and protect them with slippers or socks when traveling.  Remember several guests before you have stayed and walked the carpets and tile of the room!