Like Goldilocks, your goal is to find meeting space that is “just right!”

A great place to start is by viewing the meeting room capacity charts on your desired hotel’s website.  This will insure the space offered by the hotel is just the right size for your needed setup. 

Have you ever had to sit through an all-day meeting knocking elbows with the person next to you?  This can make for a long and uncomfortable day. It is imperative your space is “just right!”

 “Too big”:  Your group gets lost in the enormous space the hotel has available. At times, this means this is the last meeting space the hotel has to offer.

“Too small”: Your group is asked to squeeze together in a room that is more ideal for groups with less participants. 

What is the rule of thumb when seeking enough meeting space for your guests to be comfortable? You should plan for 2 guests per 6’ table or 3 guests per 8’ table.  Every hotel is different and some store 6’ tables while others offer 8’ tables.  The size of tables is a crucial question when seeking adequate meeting space.

Be aware…most hotels’ capacity charts list classroom style with 3 guests per 6’ table or 4 guests per 8’ table; this is just too tight.  Always ask your sales manager if the room they are offering you can accommodate your request to allow for more elbow room and comfort. 

You want to keep your audience engaged.  When participants are crammed in together without wiggle room their minds wander and don’t stay focused on the speakers’ presentations because all they can think about is “how much longer am I going to be stuck here”? 

Do your homework and your guests a favor by making sure you have enough meeting space; not too big and not too small…it should be “just right!”