Shower caps are underrated.  It’s the one hotel amenity that needs some serious attention in the upgrade department.  Upon arrival in my hotel guest room I am always anxious to check out the bathroom amenities.  Is the label the hotel’s brand or some other company’s product like BVLGARI or L’Occitaine?  There’s always the ubiquitous shampoo, conditioner and soap, but it’s the shower cap that hasn’t had much love and affection given to it in recent years.

Hotels of all service levels tend to provide the exact same type – thin plastic that if you  aren’t careful when pulling it out of its tiny paper container you’ll rip a hole right through it and poof – you can no longer rely on it to keep your hair dry.  I think about this every time I stay in a hotel so I’ve taken to bringing my own deluxe upgraded version in m travel bag.

Mine is big with pink and white polka dots and its lined with a soft white terry cloth fabric.  It goes on easily and keeps my hair super dry without smashing my hair down flat against my head.  It dries quickly overnight and it even came with its own little pouch in case it’s still wet when I need to pack up and move on to the next destination.

I’ve mentioned my need to several of my hotels friends who all agree with me yet I still haven’t been surprised by any of the well known brands or independents who should really look into this marvelous invention and upgrade the plastic little version that barely fits my small head – the hotel shower cap.