1. Find out which groups are in the hotel just prior to and following your meeting, and work together on your staging requirements. This will save money for setup and tear down.
  2. If your meeting lasts more than two days, keep the meeting room setup identical.
  3. Use skirted tables instead of renting secretarial desks for on-site offices.
  4. Reduce the number of breakout rooms needed, saving audiovisual and setup costs.
  5. Use the same room with two setups. For example, use the room classroom-style for the course, and banquet-style for serving lunch. Put up screens or use plants to divide the space.
  6. Use an outdoor venue to minimize décor needs.
  7. Use public facilities such as libraries, parks, botanical gardens, and museums. They can be very cost-effective because you can sometimes use your own caterer and vendors.
  8. Develop generic reusable signs you can Velcro updated information on.
  9. Use hotel signboards rather than buying your own.