There are many types of security to think about when planning meetings, especially the security of your guests & their well-being. If something catastrophic goes awry, such as an act of terrorism, or a foodborne illness outbreak sending guests to the hospital, being prepared is paramount! What plans do you have in place that can go into effect immediately when a crisis arises?

Start every meeting with a welcome to your guests and then point out exit doors. This simple yet highly valuable tip can and does save lives in an emergency.

If an act of terrorism occurs in the hotel or neighborhood and communication is lost, have a place pre-selected where your guests will know where to meet up with your group. This takes some diligence and homework on your part to have a pre-selected location in place, so that guests are informed in advance.

Meetings’ Security & SafetyAlternately, if the act of terrorism takes place away from the hotel/location, yet still affects guests you also need to be prepared on how to keep guests safe and secure until it is safe to travel, etc.

When a foodborne illness makes guests sick some of or all guests could end up in the hospital. Know the name and address of the closest hospital to the hotel. If you are in a resort area or more remote location, knowing the closest major city/hospital/airport is also crucial. Many hotels have a doctor on call; find out in advance if your hotel offers this service before guests become ill.

Your guests’ security is just one of many priorities you need to consider when planning meetings. Being prepared is imperative.