A key question to ask hotels when searching to find the right property for your meeting is “when was the hotel renovated?”  And, you will want to know about guest rooms, meeting rooms and public areas such as the lobby, restaurants, fitness center, pool, etc.  Especially if you are unable to get to the hotel for a site visit, you can find out when renovations took place. Another good tip is to ask for photos.  Don’t rely on hotels’ website photos; sometimes hotels use photos of their sister hotels or photos of what the hotel is going to look like after renovations take place.  One more step to insure no renovations are taking place over the dates of your meeting is to ask the hotel sales manager about upcoming plans they know about, and the start and end dates for those changes to occur.  The last thing you want is to have your guests check into a hotel that is undergoing changes. Hotels stay open 365 days a year, and will often make incredible offers if your group could meet during a renovation. “Pardon Our Dust” is not a sign you want to see upon arrival.  There are always choices so do your due diligence and make sure you select a hotel that has recently been renovated and looks brand new. Your guests will thank you!